I’m Håkon Grønning and I live in Trondheim, Norway.

Portrett-c-Marina-Knudsen-MalinchePhoto_R-300x300 Photo: (c) Marina Kovrigina

About me in NSFF MAGASIN (in Norwegian)

Photography has been a passion for many years. It’s not my profession however, I do other work for living. My main interest is portraits and art-nudes, but I also do many types of photography like landscapes, urban, street and other. I like to combine the different areas, and try to search for the beauty in light and shadow, lines and shape.

When working with models I believe the best results are achieved by enthusiastic work from both model and photographer. So, if you have your own ideas, I will be happy to collaborate and mix with my own. I also like to make abstract “nudescapes”. Primarily, I prefer to work with available light on location, indoor or outdoor.

I’m always looking for models, professionals as well as amateurs, of all shapes and of all ages! Please contact me if you want to shoot with me!





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