Norwegian Champion in Photography 2017

For the second year in a row …
I have been awarded ‘Norwegian Champion in photography’ by the association of Norwegian photo clubs (Norsk Selskap for Fotografi, NSFF)! It is such a huge honor to receive this award, with so many amazing works submitted from so many talented photographers whom I highly admire.

The competition for the Norwegian Champion is organized as two separate rounds, one in the spring and one in the autumn. For each round, twelve images can be submitted to various categories, and each image is judged individually. Based on the results, a total score is calculated and the one with the highest score is awarded the belated title as Norwegian Champion.

I got 1 gold and 1 silver medal as well as 6 accepted images in the first round, and 1 gold medal and 6 accepted images in the second round. The images were submitted into different themes, both as prints and as projected digital images. The jury teams were from Norway, England and Greece.

Most of my images are portraits or nudes created in creative collaboration with some very talented models. I am most grateful for their contributions. They are in random order; Elle Beth, Heather May Corvid, Ivory Flame, Lulu Lockhart, Malena, Mischkah, Rebecca Tun and various dancers from St. Petersburg who I met through a workshop organized by NORDPhotography. Thank you everyone!

The eight successful images from the first round, spring 2017:

“Swan Lake (collection)” (print) – Gold medal

“Ballet rehearsal jump” (monochrome print) – Silver medal

Accepted images


The seven successful images from the second round, autumn 2017:

“Peace between willowherbs” – with Lulu Lockhart (colour print) – Gold medal

Accepted images


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